Saturday, 1 September 2012

10 @ 10

In general I like big photos and designs that cover the whole page, however I also love seeing layouts like Allison Waken's and Anna-Maria Wolniak's, where small photos are enhanced by layered papers, painting, stamping and aparent random elements which are all combined together beautifully.

Inspired by them, I tried something a little bit different from my usual style.

I stamped, inked, used bits of post-it notes, washi tape and tracing papers.

I made a list of ten items and asked my daughtr to choose the favourite of each (movie, food, song, friend, etc).


Kate said...

This is wonderful Elisa, I love the colours and of course the photo. Might have to steal the title idea for Kieran too! Hope you are all well xxx

CoCo said...

This is fab. I tend to print my photos in 6x4 so don't always have big photos to work with...and of course now instagram has me all small squares! I think washi is great for layering up without committing too much in any one piece. Love this layout!