Saturday, 15 September 2012

Summer Album

What makes me very happy about this album is that I worked while it was happening and finished at the beginning of September.

I wish I was always organised like that, it is much more fun when the events are fresh in my mind.

At the beginning of the summer I asked the children to list a few things they wanted to do. While probably they would'nt be able to do everything, at least we could try to do a few of the things they wanted - I also said to keep it realistic. Still, they wanted a pet and my daughter wanted to spend €50 in Claire's.  I said no to the first one and told my daughter that unless she had a plan on how to earn that amount of money, it wasn't going to happen! :-)

 The mini album recorded a few of the things we wanted to do, plus a few unplanned things. I wanted to make my children aware of how lucky they are, and also how many things we did in the two months of summer holidays.

I started off with a landscape format sketch pad, which I first trimmed, then disassembled. I used the Silhouette to cut the cover, and some extra pages in patterned paper.

Here are some of the pages.


I was initially concerned I wouldn't have enough things to fill the pages - I had planned a double page per event. As it turned out, I had to down because the album was getting too bulky.
 Ice cream is a must:
So are summer camps:
1st of August was our 10 year anniversary of my daughter's adoption day:
We visited tayto park:
 Holiday in Westport (Co Mayo) and Cascais (Portugal). Here's Portugal's page:

By then, the pages were getting too bulk, so I put 4 events in a double page. Notice the bottom  left photos. I put the kids to clean the house. They did complain, but not too much ;-)

And the last page. Getting ready to go back to school. My son wanted Moshi Monsters name tags for his books. And there we still things I wanted to record which I stuck to the inside of the back cover page.
And we also went to the cinema.

I brought my son to see The Lorax while my husband watched Spiderman with my daughter. Later I brought both of the for the Dog Day Diary of a Wimpy Kit. The bottom film was supposed to be The Amazing Spiderman, but by mistake i put The Dark Knight Rise, which was a film I went with my husband to watch...


Sheri Twing said...

Elisa, such a perfect album! Love the clean design!

Toni From said...

Just gorgeous, now I must do my summer mini this week, thanks for giving me that extra push of inspiration! Your work is truly fabulous!

Toni From said...

I love the book you used Elise, what binding did you use, any particular brand or place you had your book bound at? Loved it so much, had to look at it again today!

Sparklin said...

Such a great album!

Alison said...

Beautiful album! I love the cover!

CoCo said...

Love it! I had a similar idea...have a mini book pre-made, photos taken (and printed!)..but have yet to put it together. But I think you've inspired me to JUST DO IT. My kids LOVE looking back at mini albums so it really is worth it. You will treasure this more as each year passes and I so agree that it's important that kids realise how lucky they are and all the things they get to do. Otherwise they might look back at the summer as 'boring'!