Saturday, 21 March 2009

1 boy 45 minutes 2 shop assistants 100's outtakes 1 photo

My daughter was off school that day, so we decided to go to the zoo. On the way, we stopped to take a passport photo of my son. Well,it took so long, we nearly didn't make to the zoo.

Shop assistant 1: - Luke, please stand still, and look at the camera.
He does that and grins to the camera.
- Don't smile. (Guidelines for Irish passport photos says subject shouldn't smile).
He frowns.
- Don't frown!
His face loosens up and his jaw drops.
- Please close your mouth.
He purses his lips. Shop assistant 1 begins to look weary.
- OK, now look at the camera.
He does, chin stuck to his neck.
- Chin up!
He looks straight up to the ceiling.
- No, down.
He looks at his shoes.
- Here, look at my hand. (I say, as I raise my hand to the right height).
He raises his own hand.
-Noo, hands down.
He crosses his arms.
- No, arms straight!
He does that, and look sideways.

And so it goes, until shop assistant 1 call more experienced shop assistant 2. And story repeats itself.

At this point, I am trying my best not to laugh hysterically but the other two, while very pacient, don't seem to see the funny side.

The final result? One lousy passport photo.

He was a troupper, 45 minutes with 3 women shouting instructions to him and he didn't loose his pacience!

Did this one at Crafteire, Eva's class:

Davinie, has a challenge in Studio Calico to do a layout for every month of 2009, every month one should scrap the previous one. Being me, not only I started late but decided to start with Dec 08, a non photo LO, inspired by Ali Edward's one using only Christmas cards. It is still very special because the poem was co-written by our friend Mark (aged 9) for the Christmas card in his school, and the candle was drawn by my daughter for the Christmas card of her class. A great was to raise funds for school, who wouldn't buy a card that features their son/daughter's drawing?

I'll try to get to Jan/Feb now.


shelly said...

next time do it on your own pace online with the - worked like a chram to me (and for pennies)

Jennie said...

Love the layout - must have been too funny to watch! Gotta love when there are such rules for a photo, huh? LOL!

Annamarie said...

LOL, brilliant story Elisa and the layout is amazing!

HL0517 said...

I love the journaling and was laughing too - great LO and love all the bright colors.

Cook22 said...

That sounds like some experience with Luke. Must have helped that you could see the funny side. I think it's unfair that they are so strict with kids photos, there should be a bit of leeway till they are older!! But great LO material. The paper made me think of candles on a cake :D.
I just took DH's last photos myself, no probs.