Sunday, 29 March 2009

Reply to a query and a scrapbook page display idea

Reply: Evonne asked how I made the flower in the previous post. I can't remember where I saw it originally but here's another tutorial.

Two differences from what she did, I started my flower from the outside strip pf the spiral - that became the centre of the flower. Neither I did any pinching, just pushed the flower in shape as I went along. I also inked the edges white.

Display: My routine used to be: finish scrapbook page, take a photo, blog it, show to DH and children if I thought it would interest them and off to the album.

I began to feel sorry for the poor things, such a short time in the limelight, I the lightbulb came when I saw some 13"x13" canvas in Easons.

I attached a page protector to the centre of the canvas and secured it 2 white brads (one in each hole of the page protector).

When displayed on the wall, the side with brads goes in the top and the page protector becomes "side-loading" (which means the brads on their own should secure the page in place - I put some double sided tape at the back just in case).

It is simple and easy to replace LOs, so everytime I finish a LO, I replace the previous one. I have two canvases in my scraproom and recently bought another 3 going cheap in Homebase. My plan is to have something similar in the kitchen - the page protector should keep it from getting grubby and if it does, it is easily replaceable.


Evonne said...

Thanks for sharing that Elisa! I must give it a try. Excellent idea with the canvas and page protector. :)

Sanditerese said...

What a great idea! I'm going to have to do that.