Monday, 2 March 2009

HSM for boys

My 3-year-old son, influenced by his older sister, is a big fan of High School Musical. Last time I bought my daughter a HSM-themed T-shirt, my son cried because he so wanted one too.

Sadly I couldn't find any HSM clothing suitable for boys, there's some Wild Cats T-shirts, but my non-literate boy only recognizes the HSM logos so it's of no use for him. So I promised that I would make a T-shirt for him myself.

I printed a HSM-lookalike logo onto T-shirt transfer paper and then ironed the paper into a white T-shirt.

Here's the final result.

The main font is Budmo Jiggler, the cursive font is Susie's Hand.

Here's another one, I am just waiting to get a another white T.

I suspect the original font is Helvetica, I used Arial Black.


littlebit said...

What a good idea .. I know quite a number of boys who like HSM - you could have a market leader there!!

j said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Elisa that is brilliant........I bet your son was very very impressed with it.You are so talented :):)

Evonne said...

Elisa, that is excellent! I'm sure Luke was thrilled with it!

Tigger's rambling said...

OMG that is just fantastic Elisa. Your little boy is so lucky to have such a talented Mum

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

very clever! well done you! offically the worlds best mammy! There is a little blog award on my blog for you. hope you are all well, hugs mandyxx

Anonymous said...

There's another business idea for you Elisa - you're a font of great ideas!!!

Lainey :-)

sandidune said...

fantastic! You got one happy boy there then!
I can see an LO of Luke wearing that, coming very soon!