Thursday, 26 February 2009

"Changing Frames" bonus project

In the Changing Frames class, I used 4 of the 5 in the kit. Using the remaining frame, some leftovers, and frames white ribbon, I made an unusual card for my sister-in-law & fiancee who are getting married tomorrow. Which will be today by the time I finish uploading the photos!

I still have to fix the opening, and forgive the quality of the photos, but I had to do it tonight, as I won't have time tomorrow.

I threaded white ribbon through on of the little holes and tied a bow, so that, like a card it had one opening. On the oposite side, I threaded two pieces of ribbon, one in each side of the frame, and secured with a brad. I'll fix it later so that it will have a magnet on the inside, to keep the card closed.

The front has a 4"x4" white cardstock topped with a 3"x3" mocha paper, which I decorated with the leftover flowers and buttons from the kit.

The insides have photos of the happy couple, here's the right hand side. Central heart added in PSE.

The back has only their names and the date.


Dianne said...

Fantastic work Elisa - I just love the frames!!

sandidune said...

wow, wow, and wow!
Absolutely beautiful Elisa. i've been on here for ages and just gasping at everything!

vtpuggirl said...

That is such a beautiful keepsake, I know they will treasure it! Thanks for your comments on my blog yesterday!

Neasa said...

OMG! So brilliant as always Elisa. You are so talented.