Monday, 23 February 2009

Back from Crafteire

I had an absolutely brilliant time in Crafteire. The event started Friday evening and went until Sunday. I missed the traditional dinner in the Friday evening, as it was my daughter's birthday, but managed to arrive at 9am on Monday.

I attended classes by Annamarie and Eva (fab classes!), made one "make&take", and also managed to work on some of my own projects. I also taught two classes and enjoyed them enormously. Everybody was very nice and pacient with the unexperienced teacher. Thank you Kate and Mireille for the pacience and support.

This was the "About you class":

It is a double page, when you open it you get:

The frame open again to reveal hidden journaling.

This is the "Changing Frames" class, apologies for the bad photos.

These are acrylic frames (clear in the front and back), which hung one under the other connected by wire cables. For practicality I took a photo of them before connecting them together.

One side has photos of my family. It was meant to be titled "We look out for each other", hence everybody looking up or down.

This is the reverse side, with photos taken in Dollymount beach.

There is still one acrylic frame left, so watch this space, I might have a bonus project :-)

I'll post photos from the classes asap. One is finished but I have to print photos for the other one.


Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

All those beautiful projects! stunning, cant believe I missed you teaching this year :( hopefully next year, fingers crossed I will get to take a class with you! So glad you had a wonderful weekend!


Close To Home said...

those are gorgeous- loving all the ideas presented!

noelle said...

Elisa you were a wonderful teacher and I really enjoyed the About You class at Crafteire :)

sandidune said...

OH, how beautiful it that!
very "Brady bunch"
I will get to Crafteire one year and most DEF will get to one of your classes!