Monday, 9 February 2009

Scraplifting a little snow

Every day I open a scrapooking magazine, or go to my favourite scrapbooking galleries, or log into google reader, I see absolutely fabulous layouts and often I am inspired to copy a colour combination, or the way the someone used ribbons, or the funk way someone else wrote the title.

But I had never scralifted a layout. Don't know exactly why. Sometimes I felt like it, but the layout didn't suit my photos, or else I completely forgout about it.

But there is also a first time. Then I saw a gorgeous layout in the Studio Calico gallery, and I knew I wanted it. Since I couldn't go and steal it (joking), I had to copy it. One of the things I like about scrapbooking is that when I get it right, I get a high & I felt I wouldn't feel the same if I scraplifted. But this one makes me happy, I love it, even if the creativity is not mine.

Actually, I better stop looking at Séverine's blog, because I would be tempted to scraplift all her layouts. And do nothing else.

This is Séverine's original LO, and below my scraplift.

This is my son's first experience with snow (well, he saw snow before, but he was only a baby then). There was only a little bit of snow, it didn't settle, but nothing beats the joy of the "first time". We had much more some days after, and I brought him to play in a park and he had a ball. But it wasn't the first time anymore - I am glad I caught this special moment. I have similar photos of my daughter's first time from some years go, in the same driveway, must scrap it too.

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eva birdthistle said...

Oh i love the simplicity of it all!!! Less is most definitely more!