Thursday, 26 February 2009

Last weekend...

... was very productive. I took two classes = 2 layouts and also managed to make some of my own. Some still need finishing touches but here's two that are completed.

Annamarie's class was fabulous, I really enjoyed it, even if I managed to prick my fingers while stitching :-) You can see the original here.

(I blurred some bits & pieces).

I've been meaning to do a layout of my daughter and her fashion style for a while.I was really pleased with the photo & I challenged myself to use some of clothes tags I keep on saving, plus some I got in kits. This is because I never use tags in layouts, not my kinda thing. While I like the bright colours of this layout,something is wanting, don't know what's wrong.

The flip flop thingie is something that I picked up in a shop in Brazil, the quote says "I see colours in you" which is perfect for my daughter as she is loves to combine colours in her clothing, which should clash but works beautifully with her colouring. Well, at least the biased mother thinks so.

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sandidune said...

this are sooooooo beautiful Elisa. i just everything about them - you must have the most fantastic scrapbooks ever.