Thursday, 10 June 2010

Two styles

 If I had to describe my style in a few words, I would go for clean & simple. However there's a range in the simplicity, and sometimes I like to go minimal and sometimes I try to be a bit more adventurous and messy.

Like here:

* Patterned Paper: Lily Bee Whimsy
* Rhinestones: Kaiser Craft
* Other: lacy ribbon (stamped), thread, masking tape, patterned adhesive tape, leather heart, acrylic paint,
* Fonts: CK Ali's Hand Official (date),Unknown (quote)

The small print reads:

"Luke, 17th April 2010.
Still keeping his promise, 3rd June 2010

The problem is that I am a bit disaster prone, so there's lots of smudges that weren't suposed to be there, including a big one that I covered with the leather heart which came with a handbag.

The best bit is the lacy ribbon "stamp". I place the ribbon over a scrap of paper, brushed it with acrylic paint. Then I carefully placed the ribbon over my layout, covered with a clean paper scrap and I rubbed it with my fingers. Then I carefully removed the paper and the ribbon and there it was a clear lace imprint. It worked better in cardstock than over masking tape.

The next one is a hybrid layout - I designed and printed the whole layout in PSE & PSP. To add a bit of interest, I machine stitched over the green border. Then I printed the photos and the leaves again in photo paper, cut it out and glued to the original layout.

And stamped the title.

*Frame, patterned paper and leaves: Newleaf by Paislee Press and Audacions Designs
*Stamps: Storytime by Studio Calico (alpha and numbers)


Briana Johnson said...

you know how i love these from the love I left for you at SC. That lace technique - total coolness - I am going to try that. The sentiment in that page is so so sweet. I make mistakes all.the.time on my pages too. Always having to cover something up or use my bone folder tip to smoosh a hold closed from the piercer or sewing needle. I like to think I am a good fixer upper - just too bad I mess up in the first place. That leather heart looks perfect - like you intended it all along.

Cook22 said...

I like the holiday one, especially with the photo over at the right going off the page, but I just LOVE the dandelion one - that pop of yellow with the turquoise and white, it's fabulous.